Foto Story Friday 135-sledding MT style

OK since I’ve used up my free photo storage on Blogger, I’ve come over to WordPress!  I’d like to finish my Foto Story Friday post!  I’m still trying to learn how to use this site and figure out how I can break up the photos for better description.

So here are the rest of the photos from our sledding adventure:

Here we have the series of Cody going off and getting stuck.  His dad had to go rescue him with the 4×4 machine.  Shots of them hooking up the tow rope and getting pulled out.  Then a little friendly race.
Next we have the kids sledding down the hill and having a good time. I think there might be a shot of EmmaLece sledding down the ramps too. Silly girl!
A series of Cody going down a really big hill and crashing at the bottom.
Some shots of the kids heading out to hit a big hill with dad on the 4-wheeler.
Next we have the series of Cody being a horse and hauling Scott across the hilly countryside.

Lastly we have the return to the truck series.

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and Lolli


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I am a mother of 6 wonderful kids, wife to one great guy, sister to 7 and a photographer.
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2 Responses to Foto Story Friday 135-sledding MT style

  1. ryanne says:

    I didn’t even know you could use up blogger…do they charge a bunch when your free is filled up? We have a couple of word press things…Aaron might be able to give you a few tips and such…I don’t know much about it. though! Looks like the sledding there is pretty good! WAs hoping to do that this weekend…but I think we might be melting off again…so who knows!

    • I didn’t know you could use up your photo storage either until I did. I think it was only $5 for more storage for a year which is cheap, unless you are poor! 🙂 Hopefully I will be able to guy some more storage soon. This learning a new system is for the birds though! I can use any and all help 🙂

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