Foto Story Friday #136– birthday, wrestling, one really big egg and a pink tutu

Just the happenings around here the last week or so…..

Scotty Mac

Oooo look!

We get fresh eggs from a co-worker of Troy’s and in the last batch were 2 duck eggs.  The kids were fascinated by the size of them.  we had to take a few pictures before it turned into someone’s breakfast.  First Scott took his turn holding the egg.

2 hands-full

Next EmmaLece had to have her chance.  Duck eggs are pretty big.  Years ago we had a goose eggs and it was even bigger!

cracked open

Finally, Cody got to crack it open to make it into breakfast.  Look what he found?  double yolk!

Jan 3rd was not only back to school for the kids, it was also my oldest daughter’s birthday.  She turned 15!



yum pickles

And what did she want for her birthday?  An iPod cover and pickles!  Yup, you read that right, she asked for a jar of sweet pickles for her birthday!  Grandpa delivered on the pickles!  This pickle pak and 2 jars!  She took the pickle pak straight to her room for midnight snacking! 🙂

Shantel 15


Here’s the cake I made for her (thanks to the fun cake pans Aunt Claudia sent!).

haven't seen this one

We got her a movie.  She was excited and this past weekend she and her buddy had a Twilight movie marathon.

blow them out

(no flash/high ISO shot)  Shantel was laughing and having a hard time getting the candles out.  It sometimes feels like just yesterday that she was born and other times…. yeah it’s been 15 years! 🙂  Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter!

it arrived

Cody’s lettermen’s jacket was finished and ready for wearing on the 4th of Jan.  Just in time for his last home wrestling duals.  Troy’s lost enough weight that he can actually wear Cody’s jacket!  So for fun he wore the jacket, as a surprise, over to the school for that night’s duals against Miles City.

battle of strength and will

Cody’s first match of the night begins…. oh man was it a nerve wracking match!


I just love the looks of determination both wrestlers have…. one of getting him to the mat for the pin and the other of staying off the mat.


Cody wrestled hard and for the full 3 periods and full 6 mins to earn this win!  We are SO proud of his achievements this season thus far.

cute tutu

And finally this week we have the pink tutu that I’ve made for Unc and his domestic duties! 🙂

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3 Responses to Foto Story Friday #136– birthday, wrestling, one really big egg and a pink tutu

  1. Aunt Claudia says:

    Great to catch up with all the “doin’s”…and the beautiful work skirt came in the mail today! Had Unc open it and he almost fell off the stool laughing! He said he will wear it this weekend for his chores ~ will BE SURE to share the pictures!!

  2. sarah says:

    Great photos. That cake is awesome.

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