Foto Story Friday #137– another birthday, sledding, and some treasure hunting

This week we had another Birthday, Robby turned 11!
waiting on dad

Patiently waiting for Dad to get the candles lit.


Who doesn’t like money?

Paper Jamz

The only thing Robby asked for was a Paper Jamz and Grandpa and Grandma  came through!  We got him gift certificate for the movies or bowling.

crazy hair doos

The big girls took a few mins to do their hair and well they got a little crazy with the ratting!  Shantel did her best to cover her hair with a scarf.


All the sledding/tubing pictures were taken with my phone.  I can’t bring my camera sledding…. I gotta sled too, ya know! 🙂 Scott, Em and I piled on the tube for a quick trip down the hill at the park.

go Scott go

Scott runs and jumps on the tube for his solo ride.

flying low

Savanna had fun tubing as well, making several solo trips down the hill.  She also took the twins to the other side of the park for some sledding.


Emmy of course had to make a solo run on the tube.  Savanna would then take a sled run and bring the tube back up.  What a good sister!

scripture treasure

I was asked to take a cool picture of the scriptures for the board in the Primary room at Church.  This is just one of them that I took.  I liked the focus and the look of him finding a treasure.

I know the scriptures are true.

I liked this one too of Em reading her treasure.

helping hands

After we finished taking the pictures for church, the kids wanted to try on hats and play with the treasure box.

Construction in MT

Lastly, I give you construction MT style!  It was around -9 that morning and snowing like crazy!  I’m glad I don’t work construction!

PhotoStory Friday
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I am a mother of 6 wonderful kids, wife to one great guy, sister to 7 and a photographer.
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One Response to Foto Story Friday #137– another birthday, sledding, and some treasure hunting

  1. Natalie Baer says:

    Would you consider letting me print a copy of “I Know the Scriptures Are True” for our spotlight board in our Primary room? We have been talking about the scriptures being a treasure, and we’re going to spotlight each Primary child by posting their favorite scripture on a 4×6″ card on a bulletin board at the back of the Primary room. With your permission, I would print a 10×14″ copy of your photo and use it as the focal point in the center of the board, with the children’s favorite scripture cards all around it. It would tie our themes together perfectly. Your photo is beautifully constructed, lighted, and edited. Well done!
    Thank you,
    Providence, Utah

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