Foto Story Friday #138 school awards

This past week was full of school award ceremonies and winter happenings. I’ve decided to save the winter happenings for next week… on with the assemblies!

These boys are super readers

Last Thursday, Robby’s school had an assembly for all the kids who achieved their Accelerated Reading goals.  Of course, the 5th grade went last and it turned out that one of us had to leave to be home when the twins got off the bus.  Troy asked friends if they could bring me home so I could stay and watch Robby get his recognition.  The 2nd to last class called up was Robby’s.  The principal called up Robby and another child to wait and be awarded after the class because they are over-achievers! (the quality is not so good on these photos as the lighting in the gym is a real challenge.)

a job well done

The first child called up shook Robby’s hand and then the other boy’s hand BEFORE shaking the principal’s!  The crowd roared with laughter and so did the principal!  He said simply, “Well, I never!”

good job boys

The president of Stockman Bank handed each child a gold dollar in a collectors case as a reward for meeting their reading goals.  They also handed out 10 collector folders to place each of the Presidential dollars in.  The children are randomly selected to receive one. A few years back Robby was selected and Grandpa keeps it at his house in the big safe.

Proud as a peacock

Robby walks off.  So, I bet you’re wondering just how far above and beyond he went with his reading, huh?  Well, each 5th grader needed at least 12 AR points to receive the dollar.  Robby had 79 points!  That is what comes from deciding to read the Harry potter series!

On Friday, the twins’s school had their Accelerated Reading awards assembly.  I know I shouldn’t say unkind things about others, but this is my blog and I gotta say how I feel.  I felt that the principal at the twins’s school could have been more professional and could have acted a little more interested in the assembly.  She is not a friendly woman, she is not very professionally minded (as in she could at least look professional….. I’m sorry but the face of the school should LOOK professional!), she is not someone anyone wants to be around and she doesn’t really have the patience for little children.  So I ask you, why WHY wYh is she a principal of a school grades K-2?  I don’t know the answer to that, what I do know is:  I have been less than impressed with her!  Let me just say, that when she got up there to do the assembly she looked like she had just rushed over from shoveling snow outside her house!  Sweater with a bulky vest over it and faded jeans with the sewed-over holes in them.  She got up there quickly gave out some prizes for what, I’m not sure, and then handed over the mike to a 2nd grade teacher, exited stage-left.  …. left the gym. Each teacher called up her students to receive their presidential dollars from the bank president. I’m not saying the teachers didn’t do a fine job of calling up their kids, cause they did a great job. I’m just saying, that a principal should be someone the kids can trust, who cares about the students and is still firm and a good example.  The principal at the school grades 3-5 is like that, he can joke with the kids, he knows them and yet they understand that there is a time and place to be and act right and that he will call you to task when needed.  Such a difference…. I can only imagine how the teachers must feel working under her.  Well, on with the awards!


All the kids came in and were instructed where to sit on the floor since the parents were sitting at the lunch tables.  Scott always has to be silly!

A smiling Em waits

A few rows behind Scott, sat EmmaLece’s class, with a little attention hand-waving and maybe a little holler, she looked up and smiled.

The first graders had to complete their Book-Its for October, November and December to receive their dollars.

way to go bud!

When Scott’s class got called up he was so excited.  He walked across the stage and shook hands and coming back to his seat, proudly showed it off!

good job young lady

Em was also excited to be getting her gold dollar.  She shook hands and received her reward like a champ. (We really do brush her hair! 🙂 )

check it out

While this photo is supposed to be of Scott showing off his reward, I didn’t really get the chance to check it until I got home. Where I realized that the focus was on his neighbor, who just happened to be  ‘digging for gold’!

look! money!

Once she sat down, it was a bit difficult to get her attention. She finally saw me and proudly displayed her treasure.

This Thursday, Robby’s school had another assembly. This time it was for those students who raised their grades since last quarter. It is called the BUG award for Bring Up Grades.  Robby brought up his grades in several subjects.

good job Rob

The principal hands Robby his award after announcing which subjects he brought up.

way to go robby

The Kiwanis club is the one that sponsors the BUG program.   They get a certificate, bumper sticker, magnet, and a pin for bringing up their grades.  Robby is shaking hands with the members of the Kiwanis club here.  They also provide all the BUG students with pizza and pop for lunch.  It’s a cool program.

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12 Responses to Foto Story Friday #138 school awards

  1. Aunt Claudia says:

    Wow ~ So proud of them all! Thanks for letting us share in the excitement!
    btw – don’t know which is funnier, Scott’s whacky look or the boogey getter…

  2. Congrats on your kid’s achievements. That’s great. I agree with you 100% about the Principal. That’s shameful.

  3. Cecily R says:

    What a cool reading prize!!

    I love reading programs. Anything that encourages kids to read gets a gold star in my book!

    I can’t believe how much older your kids (particularly the twins) look since I last saw them (my forced blogging break wasn’t THAT long, was it?)!

    • The kids are always so excited to get the gold dollars, I don’t think Robby has missed getting one since they started the program.
      It does seem like your “break” was long, but not that long! So glad that you are back! 🙂

  4. Sharon says:

    Gold dollars would be something my kids would work more for. Congrats on all the reading goals met and OVER achieved. 🙂 I have to admit that the Principle thing would irk me a bit too. Especially when the kids are really excited about a big achievement like that.

  5. kbreints says:

    That is so great! I remember those programs when I was young and how much it meant to win!

  6. I too remember programs and awards assemblies like that from when I was a student and they really are a big deal. Congrats to all your kids – I know you’re a proud mom!

  7. sarah says:

    That is so awesome about the AR points. Way to go for your kids.

  8. Krystyn says:

    How awesome. You must be so very proud!

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