Foto Story Friday #139 — snow happenings

These past few weeks have been filled with snow and yucky weather.

one night of snow

On the morning of the 22nd we woke up to inches of snow covering the ground and wind blowing and blowing.  I went outside around 5:30am and started shoveling.  I shoveled for an hour warmed up ate some breakfast and went back out for 2 more hours… the wind really started picking up so I gave up! Later, I went back  out for another 2 hours of shoveling I think the total snowfall for that day was 9 inches! Add wind and you can never get the stuff cleared up!

no eating outside

See it piled up on the table…..


After hours of shoveling, I sent out the girls to get to work and finish up the sidewalk.  Shantel went right to work and Jess went right to playing! 🙂  They did get the rest of the sidewalk done and the neighbors driveway.

snowy street

it is sometimes hard to take photos of snow….. look closely and you can see the piles of snow that someone made with their bobcat, nearly makes the street a one lane road.


walking back from taking photos of the street, I see some of our local pests, er I mean, wildlife  taking a stroll across the road.  The deer seem to love the freshly scraped areas, always there are deer tracks runing right down the sidewalks!

measuring up

On Sunday the 23rd we had to do a little measuring up at Church!  look how deep it got.  The wind caused some pretty good drifts, good thing someone cleared the walks!  The wrestlers were unable to make it home on Saturday, they finally got home about 12:30ish Sunday afternoon.

parking problems

On Wednesday the 26th the high school kids had an early out.  Cody was parked in his Grandparent’s driveway, but someone decided to block the driveway so he couldn’t get out!  After a call to the cops and and a search round town for the owner, a parking violation was issued and the car was moved, it only took 3 hours!


Thursday the 27th was an eventful morning.  Cody and Shantel went to seminary as usual around 6:30 am and shortly thereafter, I got a call from Cody …. never a good thing!  With our terrible weather, most of our streets are very rutty.  Cody drives a low-to-the ground Saturn.  They were headed down a particularly rutty road and see a truck parked into the driving lane.  He attempts to go up over the ruts and around the truck, but the dang ruts pull him back and into the parked truck! took his mirror off and left some lovely scrape marks.  Good thing was no ticket for Cody as the cop car was nearly hit several times while investigating.  Bad thing, didn’t give the other guy a ticket for his parking about 3 feet into the driving lane, thus our insurance still gets to pay for the damages to the truck! Grrrrrr 😦

lake keiser

It warmed up so much that we had quite the lake developing at the end of our driveway.  We dug snow out so that it could drain.  While re-directing the “lake” water, a car came around the corner and got seriously stuck.  We ran across the road and dug her out and with the help of another neighbor pushed her out.


With warmer weather, the kids couldn’t resist getting out and enjoying the snow!  It is usually so cold out that we can’t actually play in the snow.  They had a good time digging and creating tunnels.

king of the hill

Who could resist climbing the hill and becoming king?  Not Scott! 🙂

more snow

The warm didn’t last long! By Saturday the 29th, it started snowing again!  It snowed and snowed right through till Monday morning!   I shoveled a LOT more over those 2 days!  Sunday we shoveled 3 times and Cody ran the snow blower at his grandparent’s house twice and the neighbor ran it once!  Not sure what the total inches was but it was probably about 4-5.

digging out

That brings us up to today.  After being at -45 with wind and a balmy -20 without the wind for the past few days, we warmed up considerably to the 30s without wind!  I got the fun job of digging out the front door since we had to replace the doorknob on the back door….. the one we always use. As you can tell, we NEVER use the front door! The kid’s door keys will only open the front door, so that is the reason for the dig out!  I did dig to the door, just didn’t take any pictures of that.


Some adults can’t resist a beautiful snow drift!  I volunteer at the grade k-2 school.  Two other willing victims also volunteer in the same 2nd grade class.  The teacher, Mrs. C loves the pretty untouched snow drifts right out her window.  Well, Mr. T couldn’t resist all that perfectness today and went right out to make a snow angel!

that's deep

Mission accomplished!

perfect angel

Mrs. C’s new view!

Mr. T almost got away with it, even had her thinking that after an hour of helping out he could still have snow clinging to him!  Then I got a phone call asking what I knew about the naughtiness out her window! 🙂  I’m a BAD liar! So I fessed up to maybe having some pictures!

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10 Responses to Foto Story Friday #139 — snow happenings

  1. Cecily R says:

    Sounds like you have had one heck of a week! Love the pictures–especially the one of your picnic table. The screen gives it a really cool look.

    And. Where the heck is OUR snow? All we have is wind and coooooold. If it can’t be spring, we could at least get some white stuff to play in. Geesh!

  2. Aunt Claudia says:

    Amazing how life just goes on…just a little slower and a LOT colder! Great picture story – thanks!

  3. Run DMT says:

    MADNESS! That is an insane amount of snow! I’m just curious…Is a snow blower the same contraption a leaf blower? We only have leaf blowers here in FL. lol 😉

    Fun photos!

  4. Sharon says:

    I enjoyed reading your happenings during the winter storms. That is a LOT of snow! We thought we would be getting more here in Alabama, but luckily we didn’t and I hope we don’t anytime soon. The city was shut down for almost a week when we last had some. Crazy stuff.

  5. scrappysue says:

    those are some quite extraordinary shots you have there! there just seems to be no end in sight of all that snow! the shot of the table and benches is amazing – so high!

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