Foto Story Friday #141–Valentines and a concert

For Valentine’s Day I went to the school board meeting for the first time.  What an education that was!  I learned that if you want to talk you have to get on the list, which you can sign up on when you get there, but you can’t talk about any staff member!  Since I did want to discuss some concerns I have about a staff member I didn’t sign it.  The principals each gave a report of things happening and then they ask if there are questions for the principal.  A board member brought up an issue I hadn’t heard about but I felt strongly about. So I made my point heard. As for my concerns, I’m still working on getting a good bit of information and now I know the right direction to go.  Hopefully, we’ll get things all straightened around and running smoothly.

Also on Valentine’s Day Grandma and Grandpa dropped by with some candies for everyone.

Silly girls

All the kids were given these fun lip pops, and of course I couldn’t resist capturing them!

silly boys

They just make me smile!

On the 15th, there was a Choirs concert  called the Pops concert.  It was a lovely evening of music and talented kids.  Shantel sings with the concert choir.

concert choir

The concert choir. (I took almost all of the photos with out flash. I have a rough time with photos in the auditorium — seating and lighting.)


She loves to sing, she does it all the time and I love it!

There were some fantastic performances by the students.  Several songs were written and performed by the students. I was impressed with our youth and our choir program.

girls only

All the girls in the concert choir prepare to sing their number. (Shantel is blocked by the director.)

a good laugh

After the song there must have been something funny! )this is the only photo I used a flash on and you get crazy eyes!)

smile for me

After the concert at Grandma’s waiting for the truck to warm up a little.


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9 Responses to Foto Story Friday #141–Valentines and a concert

  1. Aunt Claudia says:

    Love the Lips – too funny! Wonderful concert pictures, too! Shantel is so lovely!

  2. Cecily R says:

    Loving those lips!

    Auditorium/concert shots are always hard for me too. Mine always turn out blurry and yellow no matter how high I crank up the ISO and fix white balance. Sigh.

  3. Jenny says:

    I’m loving the lips! Those are Valentine’s Day shots to remember!

  4. Great lips man! Savanna didn’t REALLY participate, but at least you go some sort of shot of her, eh? I have a hard time with auditorium shots too, but I find if I put the aperture (at least on my 50) to 1.4 and have the shutter speed at around 60-100 (depending on how much available light there is), I get fairly good shots with out having to bump up the ISO. Just a though!

  5. Run DMT says:

    I love the lollipop lips photos. How funny are those?!

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