Foto Story Friday #142

Just the happening of the past week.  We made some yummy dessert the other night.  Cody and Savanna helped a family move across town and we had to wait forever to get the ice cream for the top, but it was worth the wait!

Peach Crunch

Don’t ya just want some?  Love how the warm peach crunch melts the ice cream!

friendly games

On Saturday, we had a game day at the church.  It was not well attended, but those who came had fun.  Here the missionaries take on Cody and Colton in a friendly game of Candy Land.


We played a life-sized game of Sorry and we were the winners.  I asked Cody to take a picture of the winners but he gets a little camera happy and won’t stop pushing the shutter button.  I had to chase him down and wrestle back the camera!


We were introduced to a new game, Snorta.  It is pretty fun and I won….. Don’t ask Cody, though he thinks I cheat, but the truth is Cody was the cheater! 🙂

twist and laugh

There were games for the big and little.  These kiddos had a blast getting twisted up.

frozen hinge

Over the weekend, we got dumped on about a foot and a half of snow fell on Saturday and Sunday.  We had so much snow and the roads were so nasty that church was cancelled!  We did a lot of shoveling and some snow blowing. Monday morning, I got called in to work at the preschool.  While I worked, the sun melted the snow and it ran down into icicles all over the truck even over the hinges.

Snow thrower

Monday morning, Troy and Cody got the snow blower out of the truck where Cody and I left it cause it’s HEAVY!  After a night in the back of the truck in below zero temps, it refused to start and needed a bit of warming up in the house and thawing out as well.   After a few hours it started up.  Monday morning, was also a learning experience for Cody and his short to the ground car.  The snow was so deep that driving his car proved to be difficult.  He drove to seminary, dropped Shantel off then tried to find a place to park where he would be able to get back out of. He ended up coming home and his dad took him back, picked up Shantel and took them to school.  Tuesday, I decided to drive him and save time and gas…. when we got there someone had come and cleared the road for driving and parking.  Cody could have driven, oh well!

Making tracks

The four wheelers were feeling a little neglected so we pulled them out of the garage and ran them around the block and we just might have ran one around the yard a time or two!   We tested out the 4×4 and took it over and around and back over the snowbanks in the yard.  It was fun and worth the cold air in our faces!


No pristine snow was left around the house!  I would have gotten some action shots, but it takes two hands to hold on while you are riding and so I couldn’t capture and action shots!  Of course, after all the fun, someone had to shovel up the mess!  I was going to have the kids do it when they got home from school but decided since they didn’t get to help make the mess I should be the one to get it cleaned up.

snow throwing in action

Troy cleared off a single lady’s drive and sidewalks.


We picked up Troy’s European mounted antlers and got them right up on the wall. I’m still getting use to them being up there.


After a full day who could blame him for falling asleep on the couch?   Actually he drifts off here quite often, I just couldn’t resist grabbing the tripod and capturing the moment.

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7 Responses to Foto Story Friday #142

  1. Aunt Claudia says:

    Yummy on the peach dessert! Looks like you all had “snow fun” haha! Thanks for the week in review!

    • We did have a blast kicking up snow flying through the yard! There was one time as we headed over a snow bank that I was sure I was going to fall off the back and let out a little scream!

      CareBare Photos Carrie Keiser

  2. that was a WOW weekend review 😀
    peach crunch with ice cream was a sweet beginning… snow was an anti-climax. and the sleeping picture was a sweet ending as well…

  3. Looks like a fun time! But I can hardly get past that picture of peach crisp and ice cream. YUM!

  4. Cecily R says:

    I. Want. That. Dessert. It’s morning and I should eat something healthy and energizing, but oh my gosh that looks SO good!!!

  5. Monica says:

    WOW! You did get dumped on! 4 wheeling in the snow sounds fun!

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