Foto Story Friday #144 national history day

Our middle school participated in National History Day for the second year running.  The theme this year was debate and diplomacy.

the crowds

The gym starts to fill up with curious history days goers.

Freeman Stand-off

This display was right next to Savanna’s.  We happen to know the man who was sheriff in the county where this standoff was and his daughter was one of the students who did this display.

Savanna and her display

Savanna chose a very debatable topic.  Afterwards, she had wished she had chosen differently.

Savanna's display

And to end the day we drove down the freeway where I snapped this shot through the windshield.

evening sun on the fly


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6 Responses to Foto Story Friday #144 national history day

  1. Aunt Claudia says:

    Very interesting and controversial topic ~ our Miss Savanna surely doesn’t shy away from the fray! What was the outcome of her choice? And tell her to remember – You must always stand for your right to express your opinions!

    • I was surprised when she chose this subject. One of the reason she chose it was because I’ve always said how I couldn’t name a daughter Kimberly Kristen because of what that would give the child as initials. Her eyes were opened after her research was done.

  2. latree says:

    wow that was a sensitive topic…

    • I know! She chose it and she knew nothing about them until after she read a book and did research at the library and online. She was not allowed to use the book or encyclopiede information to write her paper. All of her information had to come from the Internet. It was an eye opening experience for her.

  3. scrappysue says:

    she’s very brave taking on that subject. it’s still so raw for everyone!

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