Foto Story Friday #146– ice jams and flooding on the Yellowstone

Early on the 14th of March the ice broke on the Yellowstone.  When that happens there is sure to be a few things that also occur, flooding and ice jams.  After picking Savanna up from track practice the we went to the river to get a few photos (ya know like 50).


Where does the river stop and the shore begin?

up close and personal

Ice is pretty interesting up close.

field of ice

This is the wintering grounds for a herd of cattle, but the river overtook it!  No worries, the farmer moved the cattle a few days beforehand in anticipation of the ice breaking up.

ice jams

The next morning, I headed to the school to volunteer and saw that the ice was jamming.  I just had to stop on my way home and get some more pictures.

standing alone

This tree almost looks as if it belongs rooted among the ice.

all jammed up

I took this one from the truck window as we crossed over the freeway bridge.

baseball anyone?

A little walk to the baseball field proved another place to capture the flooding.

take a seat

Not sure I want to sit here! 🙂

practice football field

Chunks of ice float in the practice football field.


Four days after the ice broke, the water recedes and the large slabs of ice are stranded in the fields.


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3 Responses to Foto Story Friday #146– ice jams and flooding on the Yellowstone

  1. Aunt Claudia says:

    Amazing! The last shot looks like the campground where we stay! Spring in Montana…

  2. Melissa says:

    Holy Smokes that’s crazy!!!

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