Foto Story Friday #147– shock machines and alarms

So, just what do you learn in a high school electronics class?

shock machine Answer: Shock machines! He calls it a Tingler.  This is a project that Cody made in electronics class last quarter. He got the best grade in the class.  He thought we should all try it out…..

Cody showed us that it really doesn’t hurt…..

His has a slider that adjusts the amount of shock from one to 9 and at 9 you can’t let go! Um, yeah, I’ll just grab a hold of those metal paddles and let you turn it on….

Shantel tried it out, but only grabbed one side, so Cody had to help her out and complete the circuit.

Takes guts to let your son shock ya!

Notice there are no photos of me giving it a go?  I did try it, like Troy with my palms and not holing on tight and not with Cody near the slider!  Robby tried it out too and Cody turned it up to nine!  Afterwards, Robby stood there hitting his arms saying they felt funny.

What else do you learn in electronics?

gotcha kit

How to make Gotcha kits…. light sensitive alarm systems.  This is opened up so you can see the inter-workings.  So if you enter Cody’s room, you just might be in for a loud alarm going off and if you touch the wrong items you might get a shock!

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9 Responses to Foto Story Friday #147– shock machines and alarms

  1. Aunt Claudia says:

    What a shocking story! hehehe This kid will go far, I’m sure! And what a brave, trusting family!

  2. Your son is impressive! WOW! I can’t believe he figured out how to make something cool like that! Amazing!

  3. debi9kids says:

    LOL. LOVED the first photo! Great facial expression captured by you!

  4. Cecily R says:

    Sounds like a fun and shocking class!!

    Man, I’m a dork.

    • Glad I’m not in that class, he convinced a classmate to first get his hands wet before tying out the Tingler…. yeah the classmate got his hands wet and got a good shock! BOYS! 🙂

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