Foto Story Friday #151–Easter Weekend

This past weekend, my mom, 2 sisters, 2 nieces and 2 nephews came to visit us.  We live at the ends of the earth, so it is really appreciated when people make the effort to come. (Ryanne helped me delve into the world of manual mode and bounce flashes …… enjoy these examples)

My sister, Ryanne, composes a shot!

Ryanne and daughter, Orissa, color eggs.  Not sure Orissa was really into it.

As we finished up the egg dying, EmmaLece pulled her last egg out and I just liked how it looked.

Baskets lined neatly on the table waiting for young eyes and hands.

After church and lunch the fun of finding eggs began.  Isn’t Rissy just adorable?

The whole crew after all but one of the eggs were found.  I’m sure we had a helper from beyond hiding eggs this year…. we went over every place they were hidden and could not account for the missing egg.  My Grandpa Sam was a pro at hiding eggs and he LOVED it, so I’m convinced he was guiding the hands that hid that last egg! 🙂

Monday, was a beautiful day and we took advantage of that and loaded up the atvs for a bit of fun.

Our three quads and a friend’s Razor fit nicely on the new trailer.

Ready to ride!  Ryanne took more photos of our time out playing.  I was busy giving rides and driving instructions to my niece and nephews.  After 4 hours of riding we called it a success and headed home.

We took a walk up to Makoshika State Park.

We had a great time walking and visiting and checking out the sights.  We heard a lot of frogs and Cody did a great job capturing them with Ryanne’s camera.  I got one photo, but it wasn’t quite quality.  Liked this little stream we encountered on our hike.

On the way home, some of us got left WAY behind and some decided to take a break on the edge of the road.

After dinner, showers, scriptures and prayers we put the little kids to bed and played a few hands of Scum.  A fun game the owners of the Razor taught us to play.  I think next week I’ll share some photos from the game.

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  1. happy colorful easter!

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