Foto Story Friday # 158– The Mighty Yellowstone

Mother nature has blessed us (or cursed us) with mega amounts of moisture this year. The Yellowstone River cuts through our town. With all this wet falling from the sky the river level has been rising and falling and rising to record levels. The Yellowstone has not hit this height in 100 years! These photos were taken May 24th, 2011.


These geese are enjoying a little swim in some backyards that became part of the river!

backyard river

This guy has a very decorated backyard and the Yellowstone River breached it’s banks and came to frolic among the “animals”.

swallowed road

This road leads down to the boat ramp. What you can see is the parking area, completely underwater!

the boat dock

I’m not even sure where the boat ramp is….

the mighty Yellowstone!

I walked across the Towne Street Bridge and used a wide angle lens in attempt to get the whole river in the shot. As you can see the river took over!


Looking downriver, these trees are surrounded!


With a glimpse of the Black bridge through the trees, one wonders what kind of damage this amount of water has done to this grove of trees.

The other day (June 10th, 2011), I took my littles for a walk across the Bell Street bridge and along the top of the dike. We were able to see the damage the Yellowstone reeked on the fishing access road and the area in general.

the fence

Last year the Fish Wildlife and Parks worked hard on making a nice fishing access fence lined road. The Yellowstone flooded and left behind a fence line debris path!

fence line up close

We risked life and limb according to Scott and walked across the field to the fishing access road. I had to get a closer look at the debris. You can’t even see the fence in all those trees!

big log

The sheer size of some of these logs was amazing. This one had to cross the first fence and come to rest against the second.

now that is big

The river had to be really moving for it to move that stump around!

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I am a mother of 6 wonderful kids, wife to one great guy, sister to 7 and a photographer.
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3 Responses to Foto Story Friday # 158– The Mighty Yellowstone

  1. What a great capture and fantastic post.
    If you have time on Thursdays, Come & Play: Thursday Two Questions Meme. Have a great weekend Self Sagacity

  2. auntclaudia says:

    Holy Cow! Hope it’s mostly cleared out before we come at end of summer! Water can move so much – amazing! It is needed for life but can also be the end of other things.

  3. latree says:

    oh my god.
    I think mother nature has decided to pour more water to yellow stone, as she did to Indonesia. we have rain season extended at least 2 months to (supposed to be) dry season…

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