Foto Story Friday #172- a little work trip

Last Thursday….. wait wait wait, last Wednesday we decided to go “look” at vehicles on the lot or one that was just getting out on the lot, to be specific.  Not brand-new, but gently used.   Troy is well acquainted with this particular vehicle, as his place of employment had recently traded it in on a new one.  He’d made many a trip across the state in it.  So, he took me over to have a look at it.  I’d really been wanting to get a Suburban again….. one just gets used to certain features, ya know, like seats enough for the whole family -comfortably.  They made us a deal we just couldn’t pass up!  Oh yeah, this just happened to be the day before I was headed out of town in the truck we traded in, so I had to take the “new” one! (twist my arm!)

new sub

new ride

I picked up the sub Thursday morning, did my last minute errands, dropped the kids off with Grandma and headed off on my adventure.  I found that there’s a whole lot of nothing between home and Casper, WY! and yay for the GPS! I just plugged in the road I was headed for and followed the green line right on …

past my destination!  For whatever reason, the GPS didn’t like the address and took me about a mile past the home of my best bud, Wendy.

the house

Thanks to the phone call, I made it to the house.  Wendy lives in an old train depot that was moved to a 43 acre plot right on the North Platte River.

The reason I took this little trip all alone was because Wendy was hosting her family reunion and asked me to come down and photograph it! Now if that isn’t a challenge, I’m not sure I know what one is!  🙂  I spent the weekend getting to know her extended family through the lens of my camera.

There was some trekking


A visit to an old family homestead


A trip to a cemetery to find their ancestors


There was lots of visiting

chatting and visiting

And a barn dance


It was tons of fun to hang out with my friend and her family.  I was on my feet for hours and I have hours of editing and getting the pix ready for the family.

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I am a mother of 6 wonderful kids, wife to one great guy, sister to 7 and a photographer.
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6 Responses to Foto Story Friday #172- a little work trip

  1. That’s quite a time and energy commitment you made. It must have been quite an adventure.

  2. Honey Mommy says:

    I love Wyoming! Maybe because I grew up there!

    Sounds like a fun trip. What a great idea to have you come to take photos!

    • It was fun and I enjoyed the time away and the time with my friend. I think at first people were confused as to why there was someone there to photograph the events. But as the visiting got going they “got it”.

  3. scrappysue says:

    what an experience. what a privilege!!!

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