Foto Story Friday #176 Sand Creek ride

For Labor Day weekend, we did a little camping and a lot of 4-wheeler riding.  It was a great weekend with friends and family!

Just outside of town we have this wonderful OHV (off highway vehicle) park with lots of trails and you can camp there … a few miles from home but feel like you are hundreds of miles from everything!


Of course there were LOTS of others out there camping and riding too.  The fun calls to the masses!

We went for a nice long easy ride called the Sand Creek loop.   As we pulled onto the road, a couple of local farmers/ranchers pulled in behind us and asked bout our riding.  I guess there have been several inconsiderate riders who have gone off the road and trails and into their pastures.  We are stick to the trail kind of people.

Here are a few highlights from our ride:

heading out

It was a bit chilly, as you can see we all have jackets on.

first stop

I have no idea why we stopped as I missed all the talk, with taking one little girl around a tree to pee and with taking photos.


There were many cows roaming the area and cattle guards.  We even saw one rancher moving his cattle.  There was a huge bull bedded down on the side of the road, he almost looked to be a beefalo. Around one corner we saw this windmill powered water tank.

old homestead

Around another corner, we saw this old homestead.  Troy stopped so I could take a few photos… that is why we were bringing up the rear.


We were catching up and came upon the group stopped on a hill and everyone looking out in the field.  We had come upon an even older home, a dug-out.

rattlesnake lake

Farther down the road we saw several hidden ponds or small lakes.  This one got its name because of its shape….. kinda looks snake like.  We were told there’s good fishing down there.

creepy crawly

The lake was trumped by this spider though.  When we saw it, it had just received a gift of a grasshopper landing in its web. We all stood there watching nature.  And of course I had to take several photos of it.  Some of the group were catching hoppers and attempting to give the spider more chances at dinner…. none of the grasshoppers thrown in the web stuck though.

let's go

These boys were ready to ride!  We had a fantastic ride, arrived back at “camp” had lunch and rode another smaller loop.  I left the camera at camp though…. that ride was a bit rougher and well the camera needed to stay safe 🙂

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I am a mother of 6 wonderful kids, wife to one great guy, sister to 7 and a photographer.
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7 Responses to Foto Story Friday #176 Sand Creek ride

  1. auntclaudia says:

    Awesome adventures as always with the Keiser Krew!

  2. 5racefans says:

    Looks like lots of fun!! Seeing your pictures makes me really miss it there!!!

  3. What amazing landscape and sky! It looks like a wonderful adventure! I’d be happy to skip the spider, though!

    • I use to think this part of the state was ugly… But I quickly changed my mind and really see the beauty. I am not fond of spiders and this one was BIG but it was also very fascinating to watch.

      CareBare Photos Carrie Keiser

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