Foto Story Friday #177- road trip

This past weekend the kids and I took a little road trip to visit friends In Wyoming.  It was kinda nice to have 3 drivers….. and kinda scary 🙂 It is SO hard to give up control of the vehicle to my teenagers :P~!

Took a few photos of course:

out the window

what lies ahead

interesting sights

cool formation along the way in WY

After several hours in the vehicle (thank goodness for iPods and DVDs), several potty breaks, and some confusion in Gillette, we finally arrived at our destination and one young lady got a surprise for her birthday: a long-time friend just shows up at her house. Screaming could be heard outside~ 🙂 That made the trip worth it.

We had a nice dinner and finally settled the kids down all over the place.  Some kids were up early and out to visit the animals…. one in particular:

early risers get to ride

Riding the horse was the ONLY thing EmmaLece cared about!  She was SO happy to have this chance.

load testing

No one wanted to be left out so they all clambered on…. CoCo is a good old gal and she put up with them!

off in search of adventure

The horse was taken back to her pen and unsaddled, but some kids just didn’t get enough

bareback riders

and went on bareback rides!

hang on

The kids also load tested the 4-wheeler.  Scott was so bummed that the little one would not start.  That was his only desire: to drive the little 4-wheeler.  I let him drive the big one with me on behind him, that seemed to help.

pretty girls

I took the girls out for a very quick photo shoot around the yard.  They both needed an updated photo together.  The one they both have displayed in their rooms is about 10 years old!

They had a cousin in town for a soccer tournament, so he joined in on the birthday fun.  Cody was able to have a guy his age to hang out with.  Since they are both wrestlers, I heard there were a couple of matches battled out.

sweet 16

The birthday girl!

We went to Church with them in the morning, came back home had lunch and loaded the sub for the return trip home.  Before we could go I had to get some photos :

all the kids

I think the tramp might be over weight!

the line-up

I  tourchered  them by having them all hold hands!

Wendy and I

It has been nice that we have gotten to hang out twice in about a month!

After all the photos taken in front of the barn, we loaded up and headed out in the pasture to try our hands at carving on sandstone.

carving sandstone

This is NOT easy to do…. carve one’s name into sandstone.  We were each given a screw to carve with.  It works, but it IS work!  Cody had a knife on him and that helped 100%.  He went back and helped nearly everyone.

Finally, we had to head back home.  It was a quick trip, but I think everyone had a nice time.

sun flare

Cody was helping me capture the sky outside the windows as I drove home.


I think there might have been a fire off in the distance.

full moon

Cody took a short turn driving and I took this moon shot.  Once it got really dark, he said his eyes were tired and we switched.  We arrived home around 9 to hot pizza for dinner 🙂

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I am a mother of 6 wonderful kids, wife to one great guy, sister to 7 and a photographer.
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2 Responses to Foto Story Friday #177- road trip

  1. 5racefans says:

    Your trip looks like so much fun!!! And your kids are all grown-up looking:) Miss you and your family!!

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