Foto Story Friday (on Saturday) #183–new family photos

It’s that time of year again when we take our family photo.  With everyone’s busy schedule it was had to squeeze in a few minutes to do a little photo shoot.  On Wednesday, I rallied the house and we braved the chill fall air for a very quick shoot and I do mean quick, about 30 minutes total!

Here are the results:


Just the kids

the best side

I love photos from the back.


It wouldn’t be us without some silly 🙂  As I was trying to get everyone in position and a place for me, I noticed a few of the kids had leaves they were holding up and I thought it would make for a fun photo.  We all gathered leaved and picked the best to hide behind.

all of us

The sun hid behind a tree and made it possible for us to stand by this downed tree.

fall colors

They didn’t turn out too bad, if I do say so myself 🙂 My remote was not working so I had to run after setting the timer!

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About liveinthebadlands

I am a mother of 6 wonderful kids, wife to one great guy, sister to 7 and a photographer.
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One Response to Foto Story Friday (on Saturday) #183–new family photos

  1. Honey Mommy says:

    Grat pictures! I love the ones of the kids and am impressed you took them without a remote! Great job!

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