Foto Story Friday #187- Co-Ed

Co-Ed is the winter formal girls choice high school dance.  It’s a big deal.  Last Saturday, our house was a flurry of girls, make-up, hair spray, curling irons and bobby pins.  The results were fantastic.  The kids all had a great time at the dance.


Shantel’s friends were busy all day getting dolled up, this is Bree.  Just love her camo formal!

bree and justin

Her date picked her up but of course we had to take a few photos of them.

cody and ann

Cody and Ann stopped by before they went to dinner for some photos.  Aren’t they cute?


Ready for her close-up!


Ready to dance the night away.


Just loved that they got all dolled up and then wore their boots! 🙂

three beauties

The three beauties ready to take on the world!

grand march

The girls are escorted by some cute little boys and they meet the boys in the center who are handed a flower to present to the girl.  Then you are to walk forward stop for a photo (since your parents had to pay to watch this grand march), then walk off the stage.  Well I guess there is a bit of stage fright and there was not even a slowed foot step from these too.  I was unaware of the stage fright issues and was upset they didn’t stop.


These two are too young for dates, they did invite a friend to escort them for the grand march.  They all stopped for a photo, thankfully.

The girls were all beautiful and the boys handsome.  A good time was had by all but it was a long evening.  After the dance they went to the movies and it was 2:30am before all were home tucked into bed.

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2 Responses to Foto Story Friday #187- Co-Ed

  1. auntclaudia says:

    What an exciting evening of beautiful young ladies and handsome young men! Love the decorations at the dance, too!

  2. 5racefans says:

    BEAUTIFUL!!! It brings back memories of when I went to Co-ed and Prom in high school!

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