Foto Story Friday # 194- My Front Door

This weeks Theme for the LPTG 52 Weeks Project is:  My Front Door. I have a very boring front door and the view out it is not the best so I really had to think and try to be creative with my submission.  As I thought about how best to capture my front door, I thought of the different front doors I have had in my life.

There’s the front door that was in the home I spent most of my growing up years in.  The view out it was of our 5 acres, some neighbor’s homes, the paper mill and the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

view from childhood door

childhood door views

The home we lived in when I graduated from High school.  A home my great grandpa and grand uncle built.

high school door

high school door 2

These photos were taken after I had children of my own and came to visit my parents.  My brother and his family live in this home now. and their children make memories looking thru this door.

There’s the door of my first apartment and also the first place I lived after getting married.  I unfortunately don’t have a photo of that door.  It is located in Phoenix, AZ on E Colter.  The door opens onto a narrow walkway overlooking the complex pool. here is a view of the area from google earth.

1st apt door

Fresh out of high school and newly married.  A young woman from rural USA to the big city, through this door new things were experienced.

The apartment door we lived behind when our first child was born.

Vegas apt

Our apartment was up these stairs and to the right.  We were the first people to live in that apartment.  The whole new adventure of parenthood began through that door.

The door of the single-wide we rented when our second child was born.

Ephrata door

This photo was taken before she was born.  We were the first family to rent this place.  It was nice and close to my family and we could visit often.  It was nice to have a place of our own again as before we had been living with my family.  So this door was freedom and space and the joy of learning how to parent 2 children.

Next we moved to another state and tried another line of work.  This cute little home had once been a barn!

Helena door

We learned and grew inside this door but only spent 6 months there.  We experienced lots and lots of snow. Somewhere I have a photo of the backdoor of this home with snow piled up against it.  The house was so small that our washer and dryer wouldn’t fit inside we ran the cords through the dryer vent area and created a shelter for the dryer out the back door.

There are a few doors missing here, two places we rented In Indian Springs, NV.  The next door is the first house we bought, located in Vegas.

Vegas door

We customized this house and watched it go from a desert lot to our home.  This photo was taken 13 years after the house was built.  We lived here for 2 years.  Our children had many adventures in this neighborhood.  Like Cody going door to door on our cud-de-sac asking people for kid movies, finally “the single guy” came through for him and handed over The Dark Crystal for him to watch.  Scared him for weeks and weeks!

We moved to Eastern MT next and have had 3 front doors here.  This is our current front door, where we have lived for the past 7 years.  It is the second home we have purchased, the longest we have lived in one single place and we don’t have plans to move anytime soon.

current door

It sometimes keeps in 2 parents and 6 crazy busy kids!  This was my photo for the 52 weeks project. I also like this one of my oldest

contemplating life

I don’t know what he was thinking as I made him stand there so I could try and capture my front door.  Probably how cold it was!  He may have also been thinking about his future… he turns 18 in Aug and has one more year of high school to go… what would he say that he sees through this door or has learned inside behind this door…. does he feel ready to face the world…. have we prepared him?

What do you see through your front doors?

About liveinthebadlands

I am a mother of 6 wonderful kids, wife to one great guy, sister to 7 and a photographer.
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1 Response to Foto Story Friday # 194- My Front Door

  1. Gosia says:

    I see lots of snow through my door right now, as it is winter in Poland! The stairs and my car all white.. Quiet and peaceful!
    All the best to you all! I like your blog very much!

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