Foto Story Friday #197– Favorite Place

The LPTG 52 Weeks project is: “This week we are going to get to know about your favorite place. The place you’d want to go back to the most…where you left your heart. This photo can be a previously taken photo as I know, for me, the place is hundreds of miles away and there is a .09% chanced I’d get there to shoot this week. This week we are more interested in the description of why that place means so much to you.”

My CareBare Photos Facebook status: “This week’s LPTG 52 Weeks challenge is “I left my heart in…” your favorite place. I’m not sure if I’ve been somewhere that truly stole a part of my heart. What about you? Have you left your heart somewhere?”

I have this idea, I’m not sure if I can pull it off.

i left my heart...

I haven’t traveled much, I did go on a cruise a few years back and we saw some very cool places that would be nice to visit again. The mountains of Montana have a few strings attached to my heart as that is where I grew up, they tug sometimes. But no place holds as many strings to my heart as these people. First I gave my heart to the man I married, then my son stole my heart and I wasn’t sure it could be shared any more ….. but each child found their own place in my heart and attached their own strings. No matter where I go, the tug by these strings always pulls me back to them.

Where have you left your heart?

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About liveinthebadlands

I am a mother of 6 wonderful kids, wife to one great guy, sister to 7 and a photographer.
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2 Responses to Foto Story Friday #197– Favorite Place

  1. auntclaudia says:

    I LOVE this!! And so true, how strong those strings are…forever!♥♥

    • Thanks! Took a lot of doing to get this photo … we practiced on Saturday and took the had shoot. then took the group shot today after church since it was the only time everyone was home at the same time in the daylight….. but of course the sun was right in our eyes!

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