I’ve done a few more cool hair looks on my girls and thought I would share.

waterfall french braid

This is Savanna sporting the waterfall french braid.  it wasn’t as hard as it first looked.  I found several videos on you tube. I pinned on here.

little braided pigtails

Lots of little braids all pinned up into pig tails.  I think I made 10 braids in total and then just divided them.

cute piggies

Both sides finished.


Savanna found this cool bow and a how to here.

cute bow

A view from the top. We watched another video by the same gal. We just just ratted the divided pony tail and fold it under for the bow (instead of curling first). It was pretty easy.

side view

the bow from the side.

Shantel found this really elegant hairstyle and we gave it a go.

From the side.  You can see that it is 2 french braids, the trick is that you only add hair to the outside sections.

Next you join the 2 braids with a big pony tail that you don’t pull all the way through, then you tuck it into the middle of the braids.

add a flower to complete the look or

a bow.  You can go here for complete directions.

Just played with Em’s hair and came up with this. looks pretty cute.

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I am a mother of 6 wonderful kids, wife to one great guy, sister to 7 and a photographer.
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2 Responses to hair-tastic

  1. latree says:

    wow. beautiful. you must have tons of energy and patience doing it 😀

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