Foto Story Friday #206 a smiling box surprise and think small

This week I got an email letting me know a smiling box would arrive.  I had no idea what could be inside.  Once it arrived filled with cake pans and that was awesome.  Another time it came with a giant cup for taking baby photos in and that was SO cool.  More recently it showed up with a great book inside:  When Mommy Went on Strike.  On Thursday, Robby said there was a box on the porch….. I was like a kid on Christmas morning, dying to know what could be in the box…. another great book?  Nope, I nearly fell over when I got the box open (good thing I was already sitting!)

Just how much awesome can fit in one box?!

I quickly loaded my gear into this and tested it out on my shoulder… Yeah I think I can get used to this girly bag being mine 🙂  Thank you SO much Aunt C!

This weeks’s LPTG theme is “think small”  I’ve been trying to figure out what to do all week. Asked the kids for help and they said hey what about Shantel’s tiny cow?  So I grabbed the little cow and took her today.  She checked out my new Kelly Moore Hobo bag. We went out in the yard cause she was kinda hungry, but that grass is just too tall!

Inside the house, there was some egg dyeing going on and she thought it might but fun to try, but those eggs were the size of huge boulders!

After all that work, she was hungry again and thought about giving a goldfish graham cracker a try but once again they were pretty big.

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I am a mother of 6 wonderful kids, wife to one great guy, sister to 7 and a photographer.
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One Response to Foto Story Friday #206 a smiling box surprise and think small

  1. Smiley boxes hold lots of love!
    Love the little moo-moo! Is that where mini Milk Duds come from? lol Glad to know the last pic is a mini graham, not a sick cow!

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