Foto Story Friday #215 and 216 blue and monster

52/23 something blue While on our recent adventure in South Africa, we were in Samara and I was wondering around the lodge taking photos (of course) I found these lanterns and had to capture them. The trackers use them in their rooms. The experience we had in South Africa is sometimes hard to put into words. I would return tomorrow if I could.

52/24 monster

Not exactly sure which photo I’m going to use, but I’m going with “monster” horse as in a BIG horse.  EmmaLece riding Harmony a smaller Shire horse of Big Sky Shires.

Getting on Harmony is a lot of work!  Even Leanne has to use a step stool to get on!

turning lessons

backing up

turn her right now.

A little info on Shires:

One of the largest horses in the world, the Shire originated in the ‘Shires’ of England and is a descendant of the Old English Black Horse whose ancestors were the ‘great horses’ of mediaeval times.

It stands up to 19 hands, and may be bay, brown, black or grey in colour.  An immensely strong, big-barrelled horse, with long legs carrying much feather, it nevertheless has a fine head in comparison to its overall size. Despite its great size and strength (an average Shire will weigh 1 ton and is capable of moving a 5-ton load) it is the gentlest of beasts and is a good worker in agriculture and as an urban draught horse.

With the ever increasing mechanization of the twentieth century, the Shire and other heavy breeds, could easily have been allowed to die out, but fortunately there has in recent times been a great revival of interest in these magnificent animals. No show classes are more popular with spectators than those for the ‘heavies’. Shires still work the land in some parts of the country and several brewers use them to pull drays in the city streets. 

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2 Responses to Foto Story Friday #215 and 216 blue and monster

  1. Love the difference between that big ol’ horse and little Em!! You can see the love she has for learning and riding!

  2. The lanterns are beautiful! I’ve taken several photos of some old lanterns hanging in my dad’s old barn. But they’re nothing like these. The blue is beautiful… and they have much more character. And definitely a better story to go along with them. Have a good weekend.

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