Foto Story Friday (on Tuesday) # 226 school starts, new adventures and LPTG veggie theme

Sunday Cody received his Eagle Scout award:

Thanks to my friend, Leanne, for taking the photos of him getting this award.

This past week was back to school and a week of firsts for us.  Last Monday, my oldest flew the coop, left the nest, moved on to green pastures, headed out on a new adventure… he moved out and started his journey to manhood.  It was a tear filled day and week.  

We traditionally take a first day of school photo, since Cody was moving I took a last morning with Cody shot.  Then we all hugged and through our tears watched him pull away from the curb.

He spent that day hanging out with friends an hour from home.  Then continued on his 861mile adventure the next morning, arriving at his next stop-over, Missoula.  He spent that night and the next morning with family and friends.  Drove on to his final destination where his aunts, grandparents and some cousins were waiting for his arrival.  He seems to be having a good time visiting with family he rarely sees.  I hope that he will make some friends and enjoy his senior year.

FB status from 8-20-12: “The hardest thing I’ve ever done: watch my first born load his truck and drive away. We had a big family hug, then he drove off on his new adventure.”

Husband’s FB status from 8-20-12:  “My son turned 18 received his Eagle Scout award, and started a new adventure all in one week. This is more than a parent can handle! Kids are suppose to stay little. Today I am feeling old knowing the first kid left the nest. There is nothing that can prepare a parent for a child leaving the home for the first time. Good luck in ALL you do Cody!”

FB status from 8-21-12: “Coming home this evening, not seeing my son’s truck outside the first thought was: “I wonder what’s keeping Cody?” then reality hits and I remember he’s moved. I know he will be safe and I’m sure that he needs this experience, but you can not comprehend the effect it has until you go through it. Leaving for college is not the same, leaving for a mission also not the same. I never understood how a leaving child really effects parents and siblings until yesterday when my son drove off on his adventure.”

It is an interesting thing when your first child leaves home.  We are adjusting, some days are better than others. Each family deals with this next step differently and each child within the family also has to find their way to cope with change.  Each child leaves for their own reasons on their own path in life.  I was visiting with my brother whose daughter is the same age as Cody, only she recently graduated from high school and is off to college.  They had just taken her down to Arizona for college.  He said: “It’s strange, I no longer have 4 kids, I have 3 kids and an adult!”  My youngest son, Scott, really has had a rough time. For 3 days he busted into tears at the mention of Cody.  Savanna also had a really rough 3 days days filled with tears and missing him.  She feels robbed of her only year to share with him in high school.  I don’t think Cody really understand how much his siblings love him.

Sunday we took our last family photo with him under our roof.  Turned out pretty good.  So glad we have friends with animals and are willing to let us invade them and to push the shutter button!

Em’s a 3rd grader.

Scott’s a third grader.

Robby’s a 7th grader.

Savanna’s a freshman!

Shantel’s a junior!

This past weeks theme for LPTG was vegetables:

Trying to eat healthier, looked in the fridge for lunch and saw the tomatoes and the cucumbers….. looked like lunch to me!.  I cut them up on my favorite cutting board.  It’s in the shape of the state of Montana.  My little brother made it in 7th grade and gave it to me when I got married.  I’ve had it for 19 years.

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4 Responses to Foto Story Friday (on Tuesday) # 226 school starts, new adventures and LPTG veggie theme

  1. So many emotions – all expressed so beautifully and lovingly. Some paths are harder than others ~ We just know that the Lord is walking alongside and ready to catch us if we stumble and heal our broken hearts.

  2. Heather says:

    Congratulations to Cody for earning his Eagle Scout Award!!! That is a huge accomplishment!! I always love reading your blog:) This post was especially emotional. I hope things are going good with you and your family. Sure miss you!!!

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