Foto story Friday (Monday) #235- antique

This past week was antique.  It was kinda a busy week round here. We took the twins on a little getaway to Billings since Grandma & Grandpa were needing a ride home from the airport, we made a little vacay out of the trip.  The twins were a bit surprised and excited to go. We stayed in a motel with a pool and slides.  (phone pic)

They had so much fun and it was well worth the money spent!  They hadn’t ever been in an airport, so waiting for the grandparents to get off the plane was pretty cool.

I was home for almost a day, got a morning text asking if I had a few hours to take newborn photos. Worked those into the late morning and early afternoon.  What a sweetie she is!   Early evening I loaded up Robby for a trip to Dickinson, ND with friend, Leanne, and her son, Connley, to show, Rose, the calf. They did well for their first time ever showing cattle.

Arrived home Saturday afternoon, cleaned the church, attended a wedding and reception. Uploaded my pix only to realize that it was time to back them up.  My photo program was giving me insufficient memory warnings! 😦 Been working on the backup for 3 days! Finally got enough transferred that the program will run! yay!

So with that week, finding time to capture antique was a challenge! We saw a cool old truck with 2 old gas pumps in front and old bikes in the bed out in front of an eatery, that I spent a few mins capturing. At the wedding there was a cool old Plymouth Fury.  I’m not sure which is my favorite.

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I am a mother of 6 wonderful kids, wife to one great guy, sister to 7 and a photographer.
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2 Responses to Foto story Friday (Monday) #235- antique

  1. Leanne Hoagland says:

    Love the pump shot!!!

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