Foto Story Friday #245 new 52 weeks challenges and a crash!

This year my sister and brother-in-law decided to create their own 52 weeks challenge and invite friends and family to join in on the fun.  They call their 52 weeks, Weekly Awesome and we post it to our group facebook page.  The first week is “getting to know you”. I finally got a few things together that I think show who I am.


Lets see here…. My family, the sate I was born in , live in and love; Montana,  I love books especially sci-fi fantasy, my faith, I love chocolate!, I like to bake bread (mostly cause I like to eat it!), I like to challenge myself with a crochet pattern, which always ends up being tweaked by me, the little shoes represent my children and that I have an in home dare care, I like to paint my nails and dress up, I’m a country girl at heart and love horses, love music and love to sing and dance (usually loudly off key and embarrassing my children), I love to create photos and pray to capture what my minds eye sees, I love sunsets (nothing quite like the setting sun in South Africa) I want to travel more than I have but am thankful that I’ve been a few cool places so far, sometimes I need to borrow the strength of Wonder Woman, and lastly I do a little poetry writing and I put them in this book a friend gave me 20 years ago.

I also decided to keep doing the LensProToGo 52 weeks and the first week for them is: “happy new year”


Happy 17th to my first daughter who was due on new years but born on the 3rd.  She’s my new years baby!

Was in my first (as a driver) auto accident on new year’s eve:


I picked my kids up from sledding at the park and we headed out to do chores with our friends.  I was approaching the intersection of Nowlen and Huges, when I saw a red suv (turns out it was a dodge durango)  also headed towards the intersection, I knew it wasn’t going to stop, so I tried to slow down.  The speed limit is 25 on both streets and the intersection is uncontrolled.  She hit us on the passenger side front, then tagged us again with the back of her vehicle at the passenger back of the suburban.  The force of the hits pushed us across the intersection into a power pole.  We hit the pole with the drivers front and it snapped the tire right off.  We came to rest up on the curb.  I had some crying scared kids in the middle seat.  I called our friends to let them know we wouldn’t make it to do chores as we had just be hit. The driver of the other vehicle pulled over in front of us and got out to check on us. After assuring her we were fine, I told her not to leave.  I then called 911 to report the accident. The dispatcher took the information and assured me that an officer would arrive shortly.  I called Troy next who was getting ready to go on shift with the S. O. and he said he would be there in a few minutes.  The officer arrived and took all the information to get the scene figured out.  Troy arrived and helped me calm down the kids.  He called his parents and they came to ferry us home.  We had to have the poor suburban towed to a body shop.  We do have full coverage on that vehicle, and I’m glad we weren’t driving the saturn.  Now we wait to see what the insurance decides.

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I am a mother of 6 wonderful kids, wife to one great guy, sister to 7 and a photographer.
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