Foto Story Friday #271-low light and creepy crawlies #272- close up and family #273- doorways and water #274- landscape and lazy days of summer

Man, I’m having a hard time catching up my weekly posts!  Summer is a tough time for me I guess!

#271- creepy crawlies and low light


We were up at Makoshika State park and my son caught this little lizard.  After a quick photo shoot, we let him go.  I figured he was creepy and crawly.


The full moon over the stock yards in the evening light qualifies as low light in my book.

#272- close up and family


I took a bunch of different close up images, but I settled on this shot of the fire.  The heat was intense and I really liked how it came out.


Since my family is growing up and starting to branch out on their own I don’t have them all home any more.  My oldest is in the process of getting his paperwork filled out to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!  We are so excited for him and his next adventure!  My second child is about to begin her senior year!  I decided that the little people they all played with could represent my changing family.

#273- doorways and water

IMG_2266mkdA doorway to summer fun!  The new splash pad in our city recently opened and we had to try it out.  It was thumbs up from everyone except the baby, she didn’t like it much when I put her gently into the water, crying and dirty looks ensued!


A random child at the splash pad enjoys the water!

#274-  landscape and lazy days of summer


The beauties of eastern Montana, Makoshika State Park.  Just up the road from us is this treasure of amazing rugged beauty.


Lazy Summer days reading in the hammock with Rez watching out for you!

and way back to#267, I missed getting a photo taken for nature reclaims…. I did finally get it taken by #271, so here it is:



Old abandoned house and garage just outside of town.

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