Foto Story Friday #276– Sunset and Flash, #277–Dogs, #278– Shapes and Remembering, #279–Red and Sunrise/Sunset, #280–Cats and Nature’s Bounty

Yikes! I’m 5 weeks behind!  Love to have a really valid excuse, but I really don’t been busy with kids and lazy about getting on the computer and getting stuff done! Without further adieu, here are 5 weeks of my photo challenges:

#276– Sunset and Flash

IMG_2414mkd The other evening, while out doing chores with my friend, the sunset was just so amazing that I had to take a few moments and capture it.  Gotta love an Eastern Montana sky!


Here’s Rez, kicking it in the living room ya gotta use the flash with this guy or be outside with his dark coat, he’s hard to capture. He really wasn’t liking my taking his photo, he kept getting up and coming to sit by me! I let the kids pick their favorite photo for this post.

#277– Dogs and Sci-fi (only I’ve still got to figure out what to do for sci-fi)


Meet Rez, my daughter’s rescue pup.  We have had dogs off and on in the last 20 years, we had been off for several years, and the family had been asking for a dog and I was trying to not give in.  When we went to Canada for the draft horse show and a friend showed us a pic of her latest rescue pup.  Here’s his story:  Ronnie, the rescuer, was out on another rescue of a box of abandoned puppies found on the side of the freeway, on her way home she was passing through a reservation.  She found a dirty black puppy in a dumpster, called out to him and he came and jumped in her vehicle.  She took him home too.  After getting a bath and a visit to the vet, she was ready to advertise for a new home for Rez. (his name is because he was found on the rez!)  My daughter fell in love with his picture.  We stayed a couple of nights with them and Shantel reimbursed for the vet bills and we took the pup with us when we left.  He’s about 6 months old now and we kinda think he has some black lab and maybe German Shepard in him.  He’s a good dog, very friendly to people and other dogs.  He is more than loved in this home!  He is hating school tho, all his kids get up and leave him in the morning!

#278– Shapes and Remembering


This one was tough for me, I really didn’t know what I would do, then while at my in-laws I notices all her little nick-knacks and well all the shapes.  I tried a few others, but liked this one best.


My favorite comic books, ElfQuest.  I started reading these in grade school and I saved my hard earned money to buy them from Play It Again Sam in Missoula.  My collection has recently grown due to the high school library discarding a bunch that I had not read yet.  I also loved to draw the elves.  The last time I sat down to attempt to draw was in 2003 when I drew the big ones.

#279–Red and Sunrise/Sunset


School is back in session and that means sports are black too.  Fortunately, our school colors are red, black and white! Perfect for this weeks theme. My daughter’s volleyball jersey, Go Red Devils!


Last night’s sunset through the trees.

#280–Cats and Nature’s Bounty


I admit, I didn’t take this photo this week.  We don’t have a cat and I didn’t want to call someone and say:  “Hey, can I borrow your cat for a photo shoot?”  So, I took the easy way out and went to last year’s safari photos.  This cheetah was a recent new resident of a preserve we were on.  She was happily munching away on a zebra leg under the trees, when we pulled up and I got out of the truck to capture a few shots of her.  All the guys stayed in the safety of the truck and watched to see how I would react.  I felt relatively safe, there was a very tall chain link fence separating us after all.  She came out from under the trees just a hissing and growling at me.  I stood my ground and went to shooting, they guys were impressed that I didn’t even flinch when she raced towards me.  It wasn’t until after I returned to the truck that they told me all around where I stood was a cheetah preserve!


We didn’t get tons of apples this year, thanks to the squirrels and the wasps, so I was having a hard time figuring out what to do for this theme.  I then remembered that I had some canned fruit that would work. Here we have the fresh canned peaches and huckleberry jam from my mom and a jar of apple pie filling from our apple trees.

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2 Responses to Foto Story Friday #276– Sunset and Flash, #277–Dogs, #278– Shapes and Remembering, #279–Red and Sunrise/Sunset, #280–Cats and Nature’s Bounty

  1. Molly says:

    Beautiful sky shots and the dog looks like a fabulous companion


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