2013 The Elves Adventures Begin 

The elves heard the kids talking about putting up the Christmas tree, they also heard how tired people were and so decided to just help out a little.
It was a bit of work, but Lily and Fredwardo are pretty tricky elves!

The next evening, they found the box of Little People.

With a little teamwork they were able to have quite a bit of fun.
Since they are new to our house, there are a lot of things and places to explore. One never knows what to expect in the morning. 

This evening they did a little exploring and decorating. 
Lily and Fredwardo found that we have a great Little People Nativity and a fun Christmas book. Who doesn’t love a good Christmas story?

They learned quick that there many things they don’t know. Lily and Fredwardo are quick though and took to the web to find this fun string game to share with Scott and Em.

A Christmas carol is always a good idea.

With a little creative stacking the elves were able to get up to the window and have a peak outside.

Paper airplanes are so much fun that Lily and Fredwardo thought they’d make a few.

Phase 10 was next to be conquered by our good little elves. 

Lily was thinking hard about creating something fun, but then she fell asleep under a few papers.

Fredwardo got busy crafting and made some fun snowflake decorations.

I’m not sure if lily and Fredwardo were playing hide and seek or trying to fold the laundry.

A snowball fight! What creative elves have come to visit us.

Digging through the books they came up with this fun one.  

 Do you know how much fun it is to read and play along with these Can You See What I See books? Fredwardo and lily sure had a good time.


They were curious about the crochet project laying out. I guess they thought they could finish up the rug for Rez. They might have bitten off more than they could chew…. But it’s always good to learn new things.

This evening, they wanted to remind Scott and Em about the true meaning of Christmas and drew them some pictures.

They have been paying attention to our nightly routine and have message of reminder for us all.

They sometimes need to climb a little to find a nice place to just rest!

Lily and Fredwardo found the kitchen and discovered the wonder of baking.those look like really yummy cookies!

The twins had to wrap up the mugs for the exchange. Such good helpers.

Checking out the African mounts: Impala and blesbok.

Card houses, I used to make these or try to when I was a kid. Lily and Fredwardo did a good job with theirs. 

All that building worked up a good appetite and they decided some banana bread would make a yummy snack. I sure like helper elves like Lily and Fredwardo.

 A little game of hide and seek is always fun.

Fredwardo decided to check things out in Scott’s room.


Lily went down to Em’s room, but as she got in the door, Em started to rummage around. She spent the evening guarding the door.

With Fredwardo and Lily on the job, the presents were successfully placed under the tree and Scott’s plan to capture Santa foiled! 

#christmaselves #lilyandfredwardoadventures

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I am a mother of 6 wonderful kids, wife to one great guy, sister to 7 and a photographer.
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