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My dad turned 80 on the 23rd of March. We planned and pulled off a surprise party for him. All of my siblings were able to make it! ūüôā That’s a big feat, there are 8 of us. The last … Continue reading

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New Beginnings 

Emmy gave a talk at New Beginnings tonight. (New Beginnings is a welcoming for the girls turning 12 this year and moving into the young women’s program.) The leaders and some of the older girls give talks to introduce the … Continue reading

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I’m getting a new title…

What comes to mind first when you hear the words Grandma and Grandpa? The faces of all the grandparents I’ve had or borrowed come to mind and all the things they did for me. What they taught me and how they shaped who I have become is in the forefront of my mind. What have I got to offer? How will I be an influential part of their lives?
I hope that they have learned that grandparents deserve respect and admiration and love for they are the matriarchs and patriarchs of our family. Continue reading

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