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I’m getting a new title…

What comes to mind first when you hear the words Grandma and Grandpa? The faces of all the grandparents I’ve had or borrowed come to mind and all the things they did for me. What they taught me and how they shaped who I have become is in the forefront of my mind. What have I got to offer? How will I be an influential part of their lives?
I hope that they have learned that grandparents deserve respect and admiration and love for they are the matriarchs and patriarchs of our family. Continue reading

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Foto Story Fridays #267 Candid #268 Fireworks Independence Day #269 Boats and Motion #270 Groups and Moonlight

Oh my I am WAY behind!  At the end of June I went with my daughter and two friends to Alberta Canada for 2 weeks worth of heavy horse shows.  And that’s my excuse for this 4 week make up! … Continue reading

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Foto Story Friday (Monday, again) #262 –Humor and Dreaming Away

SO last weeks themes were humor, which I find hard to portray with an image, and dreaming away, another near impossible concept to capture.  But I did give it a go! My three girls being silly with the classic “hear … Continue reading

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Foto Story Friday on Monday #261 Sports and Portrait

This past week’s themes were sports and portrait. Savanna preparing to throw the javelin in her las track meet of her freshman year.  She had a good first year of high school and participated in volleyball, basketball and track.  She’s … Continue reading

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Foto Story Friday #252– 2 Colors and Super Hero

So I had an idea right off the bat for my super hero post, problem was that part of my idea happened to be 800+ miles away!  My youngest son has a major case of hero worship for his big … Continue reading

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Foto Story #241- Family

Thinking of doing this for our card this year. The 52 weeks challenge was Family. My children all together for the last time before the oldest struck out on his own adventure called life!   Hosted by Cecily and Lolli … Continue reading

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Foto Story Friday #238 Symmetry and Co-Ed

I realize that a face is not perfectly symmetrical in the mathematical sense, but in the sense of it being equally balanced, if fits. Saturday was the winter formal girls choice called Co-Ed.  I had only one attendee.   Shantel … Continue reading

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